Buy your ticket to Moisson Outaouais’ Fictitious Dinner now! You won’t receive a full course meal planned by our chef, but you’ll have a concrete impact in the life of a child, of a family, or of a single person in need.

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Hunger has a name, and that name could be mine, or yours, or that of somebody close to you.

Hunger affects people like Nadège, Karl and Yvon – ordinary people going through difficult times. Unfortunately, it’s happening more and more.

For them, and for everybody who is experiencing food insecurity, Moisson Outaouais invites you to participate once again in its 12th Fictitious Dinner, prepared by chef Stéphane Paquet, of Le St-Estèphe. As a guest of this dinner that will not materialize, you will leave hungry, but you will offer a serving of hope, a dose of dignity and a touch of love to a child or adult who needs it.


Nadège has three children.

She took on two jobs in order to provide for them. Exhausted, and pregnant, she just can’t do it any longer. Her basket is a lifesaver. Without it, there would not be food at every meal, or smiles at the table.

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Valérie is a student.

She left home at a young age and she works in the summer. During the winter, she concentrates on her schooling, but the long cold months use up her savings. The food bank where she volunteers understands that she is hungry too. Sometimes, a little help goes a long way.

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Yvon is a widower who has been taking care of his disabled son for many years.

He has always worked hard, but after he lost his job, the cupboards emptied quickly. One day, he asked for an emergency basket. He received food, and hope.

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Karl deprived himself for his children for months.

However, it was still not enough to be able to feed them. Finally, his love and sense of responsibility overcame his businessman’s pride, and he was able to accept a few emergency baskets.

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*Thank you to Aylmer Food Centre for allowing us to participate in their food distribution, and to the people who shared their stories with us. Their names have been changed.

Every child and every adult should have enough to eat. Your participation is essential, in fact it is vital to putting a stop to hunger.

Help us raise $80,000 to meet the needs for fresh food in 2018! You can make a difference in the lives of Nadège, Karl, Yvon, and Valérie now by putting a bowl of fruit, vegetables, eggs and milk on their table.

$50 to help 20 families $100 to help 40 families $250 to help 100 families Help families

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Donate $100 or more and you could win a meal for 4 people, prepared by Stéphane Paquet, the chef at Le St. Estèphe

Stéphane Paquet

“Too many people are still experiencing food insecurity. The needs are flagrant and that is why I am supporting this event again. We need to act. Please join me, make a donation of more than $100, and you could win a meal that I will prepare. Let us be the difference!”

– Stéphane Paquet, spokesperson for Moisson Outaouais’ Fictitious Dinner 2018

Details :
Make your donation of $100 or more by mail, by phone or online on or before July 2. The draw will be made on July 5th and the winner will be contacted to make the arrangements. The meal will be delivered to the winner’s home.